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Summer Prep for College Bound Athletes

Summer prep for College Bound Athletes
By Pat Grecco, College Bound Athlete Advisor

If you are preparing for college soccer, or still in high school and striving to be a starter on the Varsity soccer team then you must know that preseason usually begin August 15th, for college and in many parts of the US for high school.

May I make some suggestions?  Having gone through this process with two of my children, I recall that each received a training program sent by snail mail/email with a daily workout schedule. This schedule was to be followed religiously so that when they arrived to preseason they were "in shape" and ready to go! It included daily workouts and of course daily running.  Eating a balanced and healthy diet can also enhance your readiness for preseason.  If you party hearty each night, yes you will gain unwanted weight and have loss of sleep, which will simply make your body tired by day and unwilling to train at the highest level.

Always a good suggestion is to run on the track at your local high school.  Bring a friend along who will run with you.  Keep a log of your times for the mile and your personal best, always trying to improve upon it. 

I might also suggest that you play on a summer team if possible and be faithful to your training program.  I suggest you join a gym and work on your strength, endurance and fitness, perhaps a cross-fit training program.  One of the best training tools is the pool, if you have a backyard pool or a lap pool this is great for cardiopulmonary fitness; if not there is always the Y. Working on lower extremity strength is particularly important, as you need power. Female soccer athletes like to focus on upper body strength making their thrown-ins more powerful.

Sue Ryan, Stony Brook University Women’s Soccer Coach and Region I ODP Head Coach ascertains that arriving to preseason without being fit starts your college career at a huge deficit.  Follow the simple directions below:

·       Be fit
·       Be ready
·       Be noticed
·       Be playing

Questions, concerns, feel free to email me at soccervol@aol.com



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